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Passover Menu

Dinner for 10-12 People $279

Appetizers: (Choice of One)

1qt. Chopped Liver
10 Pieces of Gefilte Fish
Mini Potato Pancakes

Main Course: (Choice of One)

5 Roast Chicken
Whole Roast Turkey (15 lb.)
4lbs. Sliced Brisket


1 ½ lbs. Coconut Macaroon’s
Lg. Fruit Salad Bowl (add $24.99)


4qts. Chicken Soup with 12 Matzo Balls

Side Dishes: (Choice of Two)

String Bean Almandine
Parsley Red Potatoes
Matzo Farfel & Mushrooms


1qt. Pineapple Cranberry Compote
1qt. Carrot Tsimmes
1qt. Fresh-Cut Cole Slaws